Sparg Media

is the technology partner and entertainment network for the creators and content that drive internet culture.

As an Indian creator company, Sparg Media helps creators gain more followers and unlock new revenue streams across all social platforms. We leverage our proprietary technology and first-party data to drive significant growth for over 250 of the world’s most influential creators. By managing video editing and publishing tasks, we empower creators to focus on what they love—creating content.

We are a passionate group of specialists quietly assisting creators of all sizes in making their millions.

200+ Creators

Media Management

After creating a great video, why limit it to just YouTube? We focus on leveraging existing content and establishing upload schedules that align with a creator’s unique style and tone, optimizing content for multiple platforms to cultivate an authentic and engaged audience across the board.


Advice, support and content protection

  • Monetization of your channels and flexible payments

  • We solve problems on all social networks and advise you based on a study of your content and statistics.

  • You may earn money when your copyrighted content is used by others on Facebook and Youtube .

  • Page Management and Optimization

Creator Management Tools

We are an agency that manages a large number of content creators and proudly operates as a partner of Meta.

  • Easy creator management

  • Optimized payout process

  • Increased security

  • Permission management

  • Revenue linking

  • Earnings insights

  • Content Protection






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Managed Creators

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